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Bulgaria and the world - Annual Analysis 2020 Сиела 9789542834786
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Bulgaria and the world - Annual Analysis 2020

Издателство: Сиела


Bulgaria and the world - Annual Analysis 2020

The elapsed 2020 has faced the world, the region, and this country with unprecedented challenges related to Covid-19. While initially expected to entail a major rearrangement on the grand chessboard of the global stage, these challenges have ultimately proved with little effect on geopolitical dynamics, which was left, as correctly envisioned in last year’s EASC analysis “Bulgaria and the World 2019”, with unchanged geometry of competition among the three major world powers - the United States of America, Russia, and China. The crisis remained largely economic, but also with alarming health and human ramifications.

In respect to all these issues, though the analysis is triggered by topical elements that have attracted our authors’ attention in 2020, this edition seeks to identify and formulate trends, causal relationships, and significant variables that will enable the reader to understand better both the developments of 2020 and what is at stake for us in 2021 and beyond.

  • Editorial Team: Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Rumen Kanchev, Sabi Sabev, Hristo Kazandzhiev, Ivan Hinovski, Nikolay Krastev, Sofiya Petkova, Ivan Dinev Ivanov, Krum Garkov, Dzhema Grozdanova;

  • Cover: Damyan Damyanov.


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Автор Колектив
Издателство Сиела
ISBN 9789542834786
Година на издаване 2021
Корица Мека
Страници 224
Формат 16,5x23,5
Език Английски

This year’s edition again employs the method of analysis proceeding from the general to the particular, i.e. starting with the global, going through the regional and to the national level. The main event of the year, marking a global turning point, was the U.S. presidential vote. Joe Biden’s election as the 46th President of the United States of America heralds the return of the main geopolitical pole to defending democracy and Western values. This, in turn, has a number of implications for the relations with China and Russia, as well as for Central and Eastern Europe’s positioning on the foreign policy agenda of the transatlantic partner.

Although fraught with a number of challenges, the elapsed 2020 saw progress on one of the key knots in the Western Balkans regional tangle. The signing of the Washington Agreement could be regarded as a step towards resolving the complicated Pristina-Belgrade discord, which should not be let turn into a frozen conflict in EU’s backyard.

Covid-19 might have failed to shake strategic stability in 2020, yet a potential to do so in the medium run holds the hypersonic arms race. In order to prevent this kind of destabilization, it should be recognized that this race has already come into existence and an appropriate restrictive regime should be put in place.

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