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R. Kelly ‎- Original Album Classics - 5CD  886919685329

R. Kelly ‎- Original Album Classics - 5CD


Label:Sony Music ‎– 88691968532, Jive ‎– 88691968532
Format:5 × CD, Compilation
Genre:Hip Hop

42,99 лв.
ISBN 886919685329
Носител CD
Музикален издател Анимато Мюзик
Година на издаване 2012
Стил Рап


CD 1
1. Your Body's Callin'
2. Bump N' Grind
3. Homie Lover Friend
4. It Seems Like You're Ready
5. Freak Dat Body
6. I Like The Crotch On You
7. Summer Bunnies
8. For You
9. Back To The Hood Of Things
10. Sadie
11. Sex Me (Part I) / Sex Me (Part Ii)
12. Untitled Song

CD 2
1. Intro - The Sermon
2. Hump Bounce
3. Not Gonna Hold On
4. You Remind Me Of Something
5. Step In My Room
6. Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby...
7. (You To Be) Be Happy
8. Down Low (Nobody Has To Know) - R. Kelly Feat. Ronald And Ernie Isley
9. I Can't Sleep Baby (If I)
10. Thank God It's Friday
11. Love Is On The Way
12. Heaven If You Hear Me
13. Religious Love
14. Tempo Slow
15. As I Look Into My Life
16. Trade In My Life

CD 3
1. Home Alone - R. Kelly Feat. Keith Murray
2. Spendin' Money - R. Kelly / Change
3. If I'm Wit You
4. Half On A Baby
5. When A Woman's Fed Up
6. Get Up On A Room
7. One Man
8. We Ride - R. Kelly Feat. Cam'ron, Noreaga, Jay-z And Vegas Cats
9. The Opera
10. The Interview - R. Kelly Feat. Suzanne Lemignot
11. Only The Loot Can Make Me Happy
12. Don't Put Me Out
13. Suicide
14. Etcetera
15. If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time
16. What I Feel/Issues

CD 4
1. The Chase
2. V.I.P.
3. Did You Ever Think
4. Dollar Bill
5. Reality
6. 2nd Kelly
7. Ghetto Queen - R. Kelly Feat. Crucial Conflict
8. Down Low Double Life
9. Looking For Love
10. Dancing With A Rich Man
11. I'm Your Angel - R. Kelly Duet With Celine Dion
12. Money Makes The World Go Round - R. Kelly / A Taste Of Honey
13. I Believe I Can Fly

CD 5
1. Chocolate Factory
2. Step In The Name Of Love
3. Heart Of A Woman
4. I'll Never Leave
5. Been Around The World - R. Kelly Feat. Ja Rule
6. You Made Me Love You
7. Forever
8. Dream Girl
9. Ignition
10. Ignition
11. Forever More
12. You Knock Me Out
13. Step In The Name Of Love
14. Imagine That
15. Showdown - R. Kelly Feat. Ronald Isley
16. Snake - R. Kelly Feat. Big Tigger
17. Who's That - R. Kelly Feat. Fat Joe

R. Kelly ‎- Original Album Classics - 5CD от

R. Kelly ‎- Original Album Classics - 5CD

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