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Enchanted Island - Metropolitan Opera - 2 DVD  5099940424996

Enchanted Island - Metropolitan Opera - 2 DVD


25,00 лв.
ISBN 5099940424996
Носител DVD
Музикален издател Стефкос мюзик
Година на издаване 2012
Стил Класическа музика


CD 1
01. "Opening Credits"
02. Voigt, Deborah "Introduction"
The enchanted island (Oper in 2 Akten) (Gesamtaufnahme)
03. "Overture"
04. "My Ariel - Ah, if you would earn your freedom (1. Akt)"
05. "My master, generous master - I can conjure you fire"
06. "Then what I desire"
07. "There are times when the dark side - Maybe soon, maybe now"
08. "The blood of a lizard - Stolen by treachery"
09. "Miranda! My Miranda! - I have no words for this feeling"
10. "My master's books"
11. "Days of pleasure, nights of love"
12. "The storms"
13. "I've done as you commanded"
14. "Oh, Helena, my Helen - you would have loved this island"
15. "Would that it could last forever - Wonderful, wonderful"
16. "Why am I living? - The gods of good and evil - At last, I can begin again"
17. "Mother, why not? - Mother, my blood is freezing"
18. "Help me out of this nightmare - Wonderful"
19. "Welcome Ferdinand - All I've done is try to help you"
20. "Curse you, Neptune"
21. "Your bride, sir? - Away, away! You loathsome wretch, away!"
22. "Two castaways - Arise! Arise, great Neptune"
23. "This is convolvulus - If the air should hum with noises"
24. "Neptune the Great"
25. "Who dares call me? - I'd forgotten that I was Lord of the ocean!"
26. "We like to wrestle destiny - Chaos, confusion"

CD 2
Part 2 plus Bonus: The Enchanted Island
01. "My God, what's this? - Where are you now? (2. Akt)"
02. "So sweet, laughing together - My strength is coming back to me"
03. "Have you seen the young lady? - A voice, a face, a figure"
04. "His name, she spoke his name"
05. "Oh, my darling, my sister - Men are fickle"
06. "I knew the spell was imperfect - Hearts that love can all be broken"
07. "Such a meager consolation - No, I'll have no consolation"
08. "Welath and love can be thine"
09. "Parade"
10. "The women and the unicorn"
11. "The animals"
12. "The freaks...chaos"
13. "With no sail and no rudder - Gliding onwards"
14. "Follow hither, thither, follow me"
15. "Sleep now"
16. "Darling, it's you at last"
17. "The wat'ry God has heard the island's pleas"
18. "Sir, honored Sir - I have dreamed you"
19. "The time has come. The time is now."
20. "Enough! How dare you? - You stand there proud and "free" - You have stolen the land"
21. "Lady, this island is yours. Forgive me. Please forgive me"
22. "We gods who watch the ways of man"
23. "This, my hope for the future"
24. "Can you feel the heavens are reeling?"
25. "Our revels now are ended"
26. "Now a bright new day is dawning"
27. "Bows and Closing credits"

Enchanted Island - Metropolitan Opera - 2 DVD от

Enchanted Island - Metropolitan Opera - 2 DVD
Класическа музика

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